What I Wish I Wrote ~ July 29, 2016

A collection of links to articles and podcasts that I wish I had the talent to create.

Chart of apple revenue per product

Image courtesy of Six Colors. Click image to enlarge.

Apple’s third quarter 2016 results in charts. (Six Colors)

Is Apple the first trillion dollar company? (SumZero)

“Avoiding huge mistakes at the wrong times is half the battle. Try to learn from the mistakes of the previous generations who have come before you.” (A Wealth of Common Sense)

“Valuation is generally the first and last thing I look at when researching a new business.” (Medium)

Six Companies Rewarding Shareholders With Regular Dividend Hikes (Dividend Growth Investor)

Morgan Housel and all the smart sounding reasons to sell stocks since 1950.

Ted Weschler makes his mark. (Institutional Investor)

“Sell Donald Trump” from Grant’s Interest Rate Observer back in 1987. (Grant’s)

Hallelujah by Jeff Buckley is one of the most beautiful songs but it was a long twisting road combined with a lot of luck that we ever heard the song. (Revisionist History)

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