What I Wish I Wrote ~ August 19, 2016

A collection of mostly finance related links and podcasts that I wish I had the talent to create.

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Chart courtesy of Morningstar. Click image to enlarge.

Is the golden age of dividend growth over? (Morningstar)

Instead of figuring out your “margin of safety” find out what your “margin of danger” is. (Medium)

Warren Buffett and Charlie Munger’s checklist. U.F.O.V. (Hurricane Capital)

Howard Marks’ latest memo to investors “Political Reality” (Oaktree Capital)

Coca-Cola’s Freestyle machines double as secret market research tools. (Now I know)

Hillary Clinton magically turned $1,000 into $100,000 by trading the futures market for the first time. So how rich would Hillary be today if she kept trading cattle futures? (Meb Faber)

Barry Ritholtz interviews Michael Mauboussin on his Masters in Business radio show & podcast. (The Big Picture & iTunes)

WeChat’s huge moat in China. (Base Hit Investing)

“Intellectual curiosity is the key to success in many endeavors, not just money management.” (The Confessions of a Contrarian Investor)

The man who got no Whammies. Great story about the guy who beat Press Your Luck for over $100K. (Priceonomics)

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