What I Wish I Wrote ~ April 7, 2017

A collection of mostly finance related links that I wish I had the talent to create.

Charts from The Economist. Click to enlarge.

Uber’s arrival has “helped reduce alcohol-related traffic accidents by 25-35%”. (The Economist)

Pepsi’s ads used to be edgy but their latest ad with Kendall Jenner is a laughing stock. This second by second breakdown of the ad is hilarious. (Washington Post)

Chuck Akre’s Talk at Google: Three-Legged Stool Investment Construct (MarketFolly)

4 Dividend stocks not to own (The Dividend Guy)

You’re using the escalator all wrong (NY Times)

Selling miles is a cash cow for Airlines (Bloomberg)

Astronomers just turned on a planet-size telescope to take a picture of a black hole (Vox)

How Moats Make a Difference (Intrinsic Investing)

Cruise missiles made by Raytheon were fired into Syria yesterday and some other reasons why Raytheon (RTN) is a dividend growth stock to consider (Dividend Growth Investor)

A thorough breakdown of JP Morgan Chase’s annual report and Jamie Dimon’s letter to shareholders (The Brooklyn Investor)

Do you like Sierra Nevada’s beers? Of course you do. How Ken Grossman got Sierra Nevada up and running and a discussion of his book Beyond the Pale (The Waiter’s Pad)

& the book Beyond the Pale (Amazon)

Were you a fan of the cartoon Inspector Gadget? or Heathcliff? How about The Mighty Morphin Power Rangers? Even if you’re weren’t this interview with Haim Saban on the How I built This Podcast is still very entertaining. Fom a poor Egyptian Jewish refugee to a billionaire.

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