What’s Wrong with Apple Becoming Like This?

Quartz recently suggested that Apple is the new IBM. If Apple was becoming like IBM in its aggressive accounting then I would be worried. The comparison of Apple to IBM is the following.

Of course, Berkshire Hathaway’s stake is actually just an acknowledgement of the direction Apple has been heading in for years under CEO Tim Cook. Since taking the helm in 2011, Cook has essentially been tasked with managing the transformation of Apple from a fast-growing company seemingly immune to the law of large numbers, to a more stately—but still incredibly profitable—corporate powerhouse that consistently showers shareholders with dividends and buybacks.

So what’s wrong with being incredibly profitable that showers shareholders with dividends and buybacks?

It’s not sexy for one thing. People can’t brag anymore about how much and how fast their Apple investment is growing. If you’re investing for sex appeal then you’re doing it wrong to begin with. If this is your style of investing then just buy a t-shirt that says you own shares in the latest hottest company.

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