What I Wish I Wrote ~ Mar. 25, 2016

“I’d argue that network effects and critical mass are two of these mental models that carry a lot of weight.” (a16z)

Dollar cost averaging won’t help your returns but it may help reduce risks. (Nerd’s Eye View)

I’ll have a Big Mac, fries, and an Egg McMuffin on the side. All day breakfast has been a hit for McDonald’s (MCD). (Quartz)

Can CSX. Corp (CSX) continue growing its dividend? (The Div-Net)

A Reddit “Ask Me Anything” with a partner at a multi-strategy hedge fund. (Reddit)

“What is amazing is that in the early 1980’s, well over half of mutual funds had an active share above 80%, but as of 2009, only 20% or so of funds were this active”. The more active share your portfolio is to the S&P 500, the more potential for outperformance. (The Investor’s Field Guide)

The craft beer bubble. We’re now in the consolidation stage for older established breweries. Anheuser-Busch InBev (BUD) will have a lot potential acquisition targets. (Vine Pair)

The power of Visa and MasterCard as networks and businesses. (Seeking Wisdom & the PDF)

How credit cards tax America. (Pricenomics)

Arlington Value’s 2015 annual letter. (ValueWalk)

A dozen things learned from Benjamin Franklin about income and investing. (25iq)

The evolution of anxiety: why we worry and what to do about it. Investing is delayed return environment but our brains function for immediate return. (James Clear)

The distorting power of incentives. Get the incentives right and you will get the behavior you want. (Farnam Street)

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