What I Wish I Wrote ~ Mar. 11, 206

Separating value investments from value traps. (Desai Capital via Sum Zero)

Speaking of value traps. Is Amercian Express (AXP) one? (Value and Opportunity)

A deeper dive on the changing payment landscape. American Express’ (AXP) pain. Synchrony Financial’s (SYF) gain. (Punchcard Investing)

Quality companies versus cheap companies. (Intrinsic Investing)

What you don’t want to hear about dividend investing and dividend stocks. (Meb Faber)

Why are individual investors so bad at investing? (Innovative Advisory Group)

A bunch of links to the research and writings of Michael Mauboussin. A link to a bunch of links. So meta. (Hurriance Capital)

Has the pain train ended for value investing? (Alpha Architect)

If you use any sort of budgeting program like Mint, check out how much money you’ve spent all-time on your vice(s). How one guy turned his vices into $35,000 in savings. (Grow from Acorns)

Why Fin Tech is the worse. Start-ups are hoping to disrupt the finance industry but they may be drastically overestimating their prospects. (Medium)

And Fin Tech start-ups may be overestimating their total addressable market. (The Reformed Broker)

The anit-reading list. (Morgan Housel)

The two stages of Warren Buffett’s investing career. His very successful early career and a mediocre recent career. (The Evidenced Based Investor)

Some large global demographic trends to pay attention too. (Conservable Economist)

The benefits of operating your life with low overhead. (The Waiter’s Pad)

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