What I Wish I Wrote ~ July 15, 2016

Uncovering Alpha in Microcaps & Special Situations: Peter Rabover, Artko Capital (Harvest)

Why don’t terrible free throw shooters like Shaq, Wilt Chamberlain, DeAndre Jordan shoot underhand like Hall of Famer Rick Barry? More importantly, why do good ideas die? (Revisionist History)

Why Visa is a buy from the University of Iowa’s Henry Fund. (Valuewalk, PDF)

Are we in a mattress store bubble? (Freakonomics)

Speaking of Matress Firms. A Mattress Fire at Mattress Firm Holdings (MFRM)? (Jeff Matthews Is Not Making This Up)

John Hempton, “certifiably crazy”. (Bloomberg)

Tesla, Solar City, and the race to the bottom. (Confessions of a Contrarian Investor)

Elon Musk and Tesla sold a whole bunch of stock after they knew about the autopilot crash and didn’t disclose it. (Fortune)

And before Elon said the autopilot crash was not material information he used to say that is was material information. (Fortune)

Landstar Systems (LSTR): A Trucking Cash Machine (Intrinsic Investing)

5 things learned from Warren Buffett (The Waiter’s Pad)

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