What I Wish I Wrote ~ Jan. 1, 2016

And your winners of The 2015 Financial Market Awards. (A Wealth of Common Sense)

What I learned in 2015… (The Reformed Broker)

Welcome to 2016! You’re in the future and guess what? You’re old! A series of timed base facts to prove it. (Wait But Why)

Has the financial crisis now made bank dividends the safest and one of the best opportunities for dividend growth? (WSJ)

3 value investors walk into a bar. Which one is buying the drinks? (The Investor’s Field Guide)

Intergalactic Finance: Valuing the Star Wars Franchise. For each $1 in box office receipts Star Wars takes in it creates about $4 more in add-ons. (Musings on Markets)

The five biggest market stories of 2015 (The Confessions of a Contrarian Investor)

A dozen things learned from Michael Milken about finance. (25iq)

Why Gilead (GILD)? Huge cash pile and the valuation of potential acquisitions are coming down. (DivGro)

How to make progress with your long-term savings goals. Even when they are boring. (The College investor)

The 2016 Dividend Kings. Companies that have increased their dividend for 50 years. (Dividend Growth Investor)

Dividends growth stocks are the gift that keeps on giving. (Sure Dividend)

If you want to be a better forecaster rather than mimicking the talking heads on TV these are your 10 commandments. (Farnam Street)

One Times Square is a very valuable building. It generates over $20 million in revenue each year for its owners but it doesn’t come from rent. (Now I Know)