What I Wish I Wrote ~ Feb. 26, 2016

The Jewelry Effect. “there is a dizzying array of bass lures in variations of blues and purples even though bass cannot see those colors as anything other than gray”. (Above the Market)

Trading is hazardous to your wealth. (SSRN)

Why bear markets and corrections are good and why you should want them. (Newfound Research)

A look into Ken Fisher’s performance. (Meb Faber)

Why Gilead Sciences’ (GILD) is a bargain. (Institutional Investor)

How to become a successful dividend growth investor. (Dividend Mantra)

What you can learn from Bernie Madoff as an anti-model. (25iq)

A good story can always trump good research. (A Wealth of Common Sense)

Buybacks are not a cure all. Especially, if your main business is a melting ice cube like Outerwall’s (OUTR). (Base Hit Investing)

A big obstacle to saving more for retirement is lifestyle creep. How can you avoid it? (Castlebar Asset Management)

James Cash Penney’s (yes, that J.C. Penney) his thoughts on the golden rule after taking over the Golden Rule Stores and turning them into J.C. Penney. (Farnam Street)

A lot of time and human potential is wasted during commutes and our commutes keep getting longer. (Washington Post)

A little motivation for saving more and investing in dividend growth stocks. A full year traveling 9,275 miles, 4 provinces, 15 states,  and 7 countries. (The Dividend Guy Blog)