What I Wish I Wrote ~ Feb. 19, 2016

Will we ever see another Buffett, Soros, or Ted Williams? (MarketWatch)

4 new Dividend Aristocrats should be minted next year. (Sure Dividend)

The power of dollar cost averaging. (Servo Wealth Management)

The top ten tweets you won’t read on finance twitter. (Cramer’s Shirt)

So you want to be a stock picker. Good Luck! (The Confessions of a Contrarian Investor)

Or maybe you want to be the best stock market timer. Good luck! (The Irrelevant Investor)

It’s a tough business. Even an all knowing supreme being would be fired as a portfolio manager. (Alpha Architect)

The incredible growing dividend. “By investing in stocks you not only get fairly stable cash flows, but you also get an income stream that tends to grow faster than the rate of inflation”. (A Wealth of Common Sense)

Replicating private equity in your own portfolio. (SSRN)

Loss aversion, stock market panics, and why pro golfers do better on putts for par than for eagle. (Bloomberg View)