What I Wish I Wrote ~ March 31, 2017

A collection of mostly investment related links that I wish I had the talent to create.

Fertility Rates Keep Dropping, and it’s Going to Hit the Economy Hard (Visual Capitalist)

You Would Have Missed 780% In Gains Using The CAPE Ratio, And That’s A Good Thing (Meb Faber)

“You need 2 things – a moat around the castle, and you need a knight in the castle who is trying to widen the moat around the castle.” (Clear Eyes Investing)

Overconfidence is rampant in the investing world (Medium)

What If Other Areas of Life Operated Like Wall Street? (A Wealth of Common Sense)

BlackRock’s (BLK) Larry Fink becomes a modern art piece (WSJ)

A review of A Man For All Markets (The Rational Walk)

The book. A Man For All Markets (Amazon)

Fortune’s Formula. Another great book with Ed Thorpe in it. (Amazon)

David Einhorn and Greenlight Capital’s presentation on unlocking value at General Motors (GM) through a dual share class structure. (MarketFolly)

Is Warren Buffett signaling a top for shares in Apple (AAPL)? (The Peridot Capitalist)

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