What I Wish I Wrote ~ Dec. 24, 2015

What I wish I could draw. (Skecthplanations)

FANG, one of the investment themes for 2015. (The Reformed Broker)

The singles greatest mistakes investors mistake. Extrapolation is one of the big biases of our system 1 thinking that affects long-term investing. (The Felder Report)

Other top articles from the financial blogosphere in 2015. (Meb Faber and Abnormal Returns)

Listen to your systems. (The Waiter’s Pad)

Is Chipotle now cheap enough after taking a beating from its E.Coli problems? (Peridot Capital)

Maybe this will answer that. Meet the “new” lower margin, lower quality CMG. (Ampera Capital via Harvest, PDF Version)

Greenlight RE (GLRE): Poor Man’s Berkshire Hathaway or Interesting Bet on a David Einhorn Comeback? (Value and Opportunity)

Oil companies are defending their dividends during the oil bust. Is this a repeat of financial companies in 2008/2009? (The Wall Street Journal)

What a broad education should entail. (Farnam Street)