What I Wish I Wrote ~ April 20, 2017

An interview with Ed Thorp. Successful card counter, hedge fund manager, and author. (The Investors Podcast)

Books by or with Ed Thorp in them:

  • A Man for All Markets (Amazon)
  • Fortune’s Formula (Amazon)
  • The Kelly Capital Growth Investment Criterion: Theory and Practice (Amazon)
  • Beat the Dealer (Amazon)
  • Beat the Market (Amazon)

Kase capital is not a fan of Wingstop (WING). Tilson must have pulled the suicide wing when playing chicken wing roulette. (MarketFolly)

From B-movie actress to successful stock touter. (DealBreaker)

Procter & Gamble raises its dividend for the 61st year in a row but only by 3% (Dividend Growth Investor)

AbbVie: Growth and Dividends All In One (The Dividend Guy)

Fleetcor more like Fleece-cor according to Andrew Left. (Citron Research)

Investment Goals for 2017: Q1 (Tall Investing)

Facebook is beating its rivals because of the network effect. Plus, a hot take from a Victoria Secrets model on Snapchat vs Facebook.(NY Times)

Owner operators and shareholder value creation. Overlap with a lot of our dividend growth positions and target list. (Intrinsic Investing)

Jeff Bezos annual letter to shareholders (PDF)

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