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AMM Dividend Letter Issue 22: Controlling our Fears and Investing for the Long Haul with Union Pacific

This is from the AMM Dividend Letter released September 3, 2015. If you want to see the latest “Dividend Stock in Focus” as soon as it’s released then join our mailing list here. Deep in your brain lies a small almond-shaped structure called the Amygdala. Among other functions, it is part of the brain’s reflexive […]

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12 Lessons Learned From Warren Buffett

From the Financial Times what Seth Klarman has learned from Warren Buffett. Value investing works. Buy bargains. Quality matters, in businesses and in people. Better-quality businesses are more likely to grow and compound cash flow; low-quality businesses often erode and even superior managers, who are difficult to identify, attract, and retain, may not be enough […]

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