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What I Wish I Wrote ~ November 19, 2016

A collection of mostly investment related links that I wish I had the ability to write or create. Apple is sitting on ‘a powder keg of dramatically aging’ iPhones (Business Insider) Starbuck’s float. Starbuck’s has as much money as a midsized bank sitting in customer cards. (Huffington Post) Is Novartis about to do an acquisition […]

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What I Wish I Wrote ~ July 29, 2016

A collection of links to articles and podcasts that I wish I had the talent to create. Apple’s third quarter 2016 results in charts. (Six Colors) Is Apple the first trillion dollar company? (SumZero) “Avoiding huge mistakes at the wrong times is half the battle. Try to learn from the mistakes of the previous generations […]

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Apple’s Valuation Discrepancy

The two charts below are from Fortune and they highlight a valuation discrepancy in the tech world. First is the P/E Ratio of a few of the most recognized and popular names in the tech world. It gets even weirder when you look at the free cash flow generated by the same companies. Apple also […]

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