What I Wish I Wrote ~ April 20, 2017

An interview with Ed Thorp. Successful card counter, hedge fund manager, and author. (The Investors Podcast) Books by or with Ed Thorp in them: A Man for All Markets (Amazon) Fortune’s Formula (Amazon) The Kelly Capital Growth Investment Criterion: Theory and Practice (Amazon) Beat the Dealer (Amazon) Beat the Market (Amazon) Kase capital is not […]

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What I Wish I Wrote ~ April 7, 2017

A collection of mostly finance related links that I wish I had the talent to create. Uber’s arrival has “helped reduce alcohol-related traffic accidents by 25-35%”. (The Economist) Pepsi’s ads used to be edgy but their latest ad with Kendall Jenner is a laughing stock. This second by second breakdown of the ad is hilarious. […]

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