This is from the AMM Dividend Letter released July 2, 2015. If you want to see the latest "Dividend Stock in Focus" as soon as it's released then join our mailing list here. With everything else being equal would you rather: A) live in a town where the median salary was $25,000 and you earned [...]

Another managers view on portfolio holding Philip Morris (PM). From Barron's. Q: You own Philip Morris International ( PM ) and you’ve added to that position recently. What do you like about the company? It has lagged in the past few years. A: It has been out of favor, largely because of foreign exchange. Philip [...]

This is from the portfolio update released Wednesday, June 24, 2015. If you want to see the latest portfolio update as soon as it's released then join our mailing list here. We sold Teva Pharmaceuticals (TEVA) in all dividend strategy portfolios on Monday, June 22. We began buying TEVA for dividend strategy portfolios in September [...]

What I Wish I Wrote ~ June 19, 2015

Howard Mark's latets memo "Risk Revisited Again" (Market Folly) Lesson from market extremes. Another look at glamour stocks versus value stocks (The Investor's Field Guide) More on the potential consolidation and vertical integration of content creators. Why Did John Malone Invest in Lions Gate? (Punch Card Investing) Make more money by doing (and listening) less [...]

Evercore met with Microsoft's (MSFT) investor relations and highighted their key takeaways from the meeting in Barron's. Number 4 is something we're always interested in. 4) Even though the investor-relations team could not directly speak to any future changes to the current capital-return policy, we would not be surprised if Microsoft raises its dividend in [...]

We sold Chevron (CVX) in all dividend strategy* portfolios last week. Since we had already sent you two email updates earlier in the week, we held off on an immediate update at the time of the CVX sale to avoid inundating your inbox with another email. U.S. shale oil and fracking has changed the dynamics [...]

Just some more of the usual confirmation bias I like to wallow in. Now about McDonald's (MCD) and Pfizer (PFE). McDonald’s: The golden arches have been under siege recently as sales, particularly in the U.S., continue to fall. With 65% of revenue coming from Europe and Asia, the strength of the U.S. dollar has also [...]

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