Investing in Rising Income Streams

The AMM Dividend Growth Portfolio is built by three types of positions:

  • 1
    Dividend Stalwarts - Companies that have paid and grow their dividend for 10 years or more
  • 2
    New Dividend Payers - Companies that initiated a new dividend policy within the last 5 years
  • 3
    Special Situations - A company that pays a dividend and is undergoing a corporate restructuring

Johnson & Johnson
Dividend Stalwart

New Dividend Payer

Special Situation

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Each issue of the AMM Dividend Letter highlights a current position in the AMM Dividend Growth Portfolio.

Which category does it belong to? Is it a Dividend Stalwart, a New Dividend Payer, or a Special Situation. 

What are the catalysts for dividend growth and price appreciation.

No investment is without risk. We highlight the key risks we see that could force us to sell our position.

Fair Value. We use a discounted cash flow analysis and a discounted economic profit model to calculate our estimate of fair value.