Latticework of Mental Models

From A Wealth of Common Sense and the two lessons learned from the founder of Patagonia Yvon Chouinard. If you’re an avid reader and follower of Charlie Munger as we are then the second lesson will look familiar.

2. Have an open mind and utilize a wide number of disciplines to solve problems and make decisions.

Until the 1970s the countries in the world where snow and ice climbing was practiced were divided into those that used only flat-footed (or French) cramponing techniques and those that climbed on the front points of the crampons. Both schools of climbing were equally proficient, but neither side was willing to admit the worth of the other’s technique. It is possible to do all your ice climbing with only one technique – as many persons still do – but it is not the most efficient way nor does it make for a very interesting experience. It is like knowing only one dance. When the music changes, you are still dancing, but rather out of tune. So, as is usually the case in these matters, the truth lies right down the middle. Now all the best ice climbers know and apply both methods in their cramponing.


Two Business Lessons From Patagonia’s Yvon Chouinard (A Wealth of Common Sense)