Having Fun With Jim Rickards’ Economic Collapse Ad

The latest financial publication ad campaign I’ve seen is Jim Rickard’s The Economy is About to Tank.

Jim is an Agora boy. A doom and gloomer.

He promotes himself as a “CIA Insider”. The most telling part of his C.V.? Jim was the general counsel for Long Term Capital Management, the largest hedge fund blow up that almost took down the U.S. financial system and required help from the Federal Reserve.

Jim is out with his latest really really really long form sales copy to scare you about the next financial crisis and to sell you his new book. So I decided to have a little fun with it.

Hi, Jim Rickards here…

You may know me as the best-selling author of two New York Times best-selling books: Currency Wars and The Death of Money warning about the coming collapse of our financial system…

Yes, many best selling books are works of fiction.

My work as a currency war advisor for the Pentagon, CIA and national intelligence brings me into direct contact with the top echelons of the U.S. power structure.

They’ve given me access to their most closely held information, too.

After the CIA, NSA, and the Pentagon showed you all this top secret information they then told you it’s cool to go blab about it to everyone and write a book?

Ok, so who or what do we have to fear after you learned about this made-up top secret information?

The Global Elites

Of course, that’s a timely nebulous name for a boogeyman to complete your appeal to fear logical fallacy. The Free Masons are a little outdated and using The Illuminati or The Crab People makes you sound a little too crazy.

And what is the name of the Crab Peoples’ Global Elites’ top secret plan that some random financial newsletter publishers knows all about?

Ice Nine

But you’re probably wondering… Why does this “Ice-Nine” plan even exist?

Because… You made it up.

I Consider It My Personal Duty to Help You Protect Yourself

Or is it your personal duty to scare the bejeezus out of people to sell a book to get their email and mailing info so you can spam market them your $3,000/yr newsletter that only recommends buying gold?

Look, I Won’t Lie to you…

He’s about to lie to you.

I’ve been inside the West Wing of the White House…

I’ve been inside the U.S. Treasury…

No way! I’ve been in both places too. Maybe I’m a “CIA Insider” too? You know what? I think I am. Oh my, you guys won’t believe who really shot JFK!

I’m not some wacko conspiracy theorist that lacks proof.

But you do play one on TV.

Now for some random news headlines taken out of context that use the same scare words as this ad to scare you even more.

Jim Rickards Elites

If you’re still undecided here are some reviews praising Jimmy’s book by Goldmember, and two other people who are in no way affiliated with Agora Financial nor have written for his newsletter *wink wink.

Road to Ruin Reviews

And this guy.



“A terrifically interesting and useful book…” as a doorstop.

Broken Clock

How many years now has Jim Rickards predicted that this is the year the economy tanks and the world will go to hell in a handbasket?

If he really believes the economy is going to implode shouldn’t his newsletter be focused on the best canned foods to buy, where to buy salt in bulk, how to stockpile ammo, how to start and run your own self-sustaining farm, how to set-up your home defense system, and all that other doomsday prepping stuff instead of pimping gold all the time?

I don’t know what tomorrow will bring and I don’t know if some secret global cabal of “Elites” exists.

But I do know one thing

Jim Rickards doesn’t know either.

He is the broken clock that is right twice a day. He is the blind squirrel that occasionally finds a nut.

He’ll keep screaming that the sky is falling like he has for the last 9 years and then when even the slightest hiccup occurs he will crow that he knew it all along because of his made-up secret CIA connections.

This quote from Jim Rickards’ Wikipedia page sums it all up

None of Rickards’ major predictions thus far have been realized.