Is The Lego Group on Bob Iger & Disney’s Shopping List?

Since becoming CEO of Disney Bob Iger has made a handful of carefully selective and valuing enhancing purchases: Pixar, Marvel, Lucas Film. Mr. Iger and Disney are not done with their acquisitions. According to The Economist, Mr. Iger keeps a shopping list of companies he would like to buy. Could The Lego Group be one of them?

Mr. Iger keeps a list of firms Disney might be interested in buying. They are all leading international brands that would fit with Disney well. The Lego Group, a privately held Danish firm, already does business with the company, licensing products (including Star Wars) and placing shops at Disney’s theme parks. It would make an obvious target for the firm that has already bought up so many other pieces of your childhood.


The Force is Strong in This Firm (The Economist)