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What I Wish I Wrote ~ Mar. 25, 2016

“I’d argue that network effects and critical mass are two of these mental models that carry a lot of weight.” (a16z) Dollar cost averaging won’t help your returns but it may help reduce risks. (Nerd’s Eye View) I’ll have a Big Mac, fries, and an Egg McMuffin on the side. All day breakfast has been […]

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Dividend Growth Investing for the Entrepeneur and Building Passive Income

Passive income. It’s the holy grail. Earning income while you sip Mai Tais with warm tropical ocean water lapping at your toes. If you do a Google search for “passive income” the first thing that pops up is Smart Passive Income by Pat Flynn. The main theme is building an online business that will require […]

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Visa Buying Visa Europe is a Catalyst for Further Price Appreciation & Dividend Growth

In the 11th issue of the AMM Dividend Letter we highlighted the buying of Visa Europe as a potential catalysts for further price appreciation and dividend growth for Visa (V). Visa Europe would provide further transaction volume growth and Visa could greatly enhance Visa Europe’s profitability. Integrating the two systems and transferring Visa Europe users […]

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AMM Dividend Letter Issue 15: Systems Versus Goals & Year-End Review

This is from the AMM Dividend Letter released January 8, 2015. If you want to see the latest “Dividend Stock in Focus” as soon as it’s released then join our mailing list here. It’s that time of the year again. When we sit down and make our New Year’s Resolutions. A fancy way of saying […]

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