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Pay Attention to Your Yield on Cost

From Barron’s. But what matters to long-term investors is the yield based on what you paid for the stock, says Melcher. If the stock appreciates, the current yield may fall – even as the company increases the dividend. But what you’ll actually get paid from your investment will increase handsomely. That’s why Melcher suggests keeping […]

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The Dividend Stocks of the Ultimate Stock Pickers

Morningstar is out with their lists of the highest-yielding and widely-held dividend paying stocks of their Ultimate Stock Pickers. The top ten highest yielding owned by Morningstar’s Ultimate Stock Pickers. And the most widely held dividend paying stocks by Morningstar’s Ultimate Stock Pickers. Source: 4 Dividend-Payers From the Ultimate Stock-Pickers (Morningstar)

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Microsoft to Raise its Dividend in September?

Evercore met with Microsoft’s (MSFT) investor relations and highighted their key takeaways from the meeting in Barron’s. Number 4 is something we’re always interested in. 4) Even though the investor-relations team could not directly speak to any future changes to the current capital-return policy, we would not be surprised if Microsoft raises its dividend in […]

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