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Apple iPhone Retention Rate

Morgan Stanley released a report highlighting Apple’s iPhone leading loyalty and retention rates versus Samsung. iPhone has a 92% loyalty rate in the U.S. according to Morgan Stanley. Samsung loyalty stood at 77%, LG at 59%, and Motorola at 56%. — Neil Cybart (@neilcybart) May 23, 2017

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What’s Wrong with Apple Becoming Like This?

Quartz recently suggested that Apple is the new IBM. If Apple was becoming like IBM in its aggressive accounting then I would be worried. The comparison of Apple to IBM is the following. Of course, Berkshire Hathaway’s stake is actually just an acknowledgement of the direction Apple has been heading in for years under CEO […]

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A Month is a Year on Wall Street

A month ago Wall St hated $AAPL b/c of near term prospects, now they love it b/c of near term prospects: — John Huber (@BaseHitInvestor) March 15, 2016 Apple isn’t the only company that Wall Street does this with but it is one the largest and most widely followed so it stands out. One […]

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