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Valuing Starbucks with Economic Profit Models

[edit]: My original economic profit model had an error. It was overestimating future invested capital. I kept the original images of each economic profit model but added updated values below them. This also changes my conclusion about Starbucks being overvalued or not. If you only looked at the P/E ratio Starbucks (SBUX) looks expensive with […]

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Morgan Stanley & JP Morgan Expected To Boost Capital Return

One of the reasons we invested in JP Morgan Chase (JPM) and Morgan Stanley (MS) is our belief that they are over capitalized. Their excess capital will eventually be returned to shareholders through buybacks and dividend increases as they continue to pass the Federal Reserve’s Comprehensive Capital and Analysis and Review (CCAR). Goldman Sachs via […]

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Dividend Stock to Avoid: Energizer Holdings (ENR) and the Secular Decline of Alkaline Batteries

Energizer Holdings (ENR) is a well-known consumer brand. The company recently underwent a corporate restructuring, a spin-off. Energizer Holdings current dividend yield is 2% with a payout ratio at 50%. Finally, Energizer recently increased its quarterly dividend by 10%. Energizer is what we classify as a new dividend payer and given its recent history, it […]

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