If you only looked at the P/E ratio Starbucks (SBUX) looks expensive with a current P/E of 29. I want to look at it a different way. I want to look at Starbucks' value through discounted economic profit models. The discounted economic profit model allows us to move away from multiple based valuations and value [...]

One of the reasons we invested in JP Morgan Chase (JPM) and Morgan Stanley (MS) is our belief that they are over capitalized. Their excess capital will eventually be returned to shareholders through buybacks and dividend increases as they continue to pass the Federal Reserve's Comprehensive Capital and Analysis and Review (CCAR). Goldman Sachs via [...]

Malcom Gladwell is back with his second season of Revisionist History. The first episode is A Good Walk Spoiled In the middle of Los Angeles — a city with some of the most expensive real estate in the world — there are a half a dozen exclusive golf courses, massive expanses dedicated to the pleasure [...]

On Tuesday Ron Baron appeared on CNBC and made some bold Tesla (TSLA) predictions. To summarize, Ron Baron believes in 2.5 years Tesla will achieve the following. By 2020, Tesla's share price will be $1,000 By 2020, Tesla will have $70 billion in revenue By 2020, Tesla will sell 1 million cars per year By [...]

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